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Mobile telephony, Mobile data and broadband, iTMS workflow engine, order management, Back Office, Provisioning agent – for enterprise and private customers

One of the world’s leading enablers of digital services, limitless mobile provides best in class products across a worldwide network. Limitless has become one of Europe’s emerging mobile providers focusing on mobile services, including voice, SMS and broadband capabilities.

Waoo was established in 2010 as a brand, delivering content to FTTH companies owned by the 11 largest utility companies in Denmark, using the iTMS platform.

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Metroweb is a dark fiber provider with an exciting roadmap to expand their business model towards the top 30 Italian cities, opening the doors to the future of FTTH - Ultra broad band network development. Through this new agreement, Capernow deliver iTMS Billing and order management platform to Metroweb.

Owned by Nord Energi, Nyfors and HEF and partner with the content provider Waoo! Are using iTMS as billing and Customer Care platform. - a global MVNO – are using iTMS as BSS for their entire global operation creating and automating all the vital business processes and real-time billing, including an advanced global SIM card management module. Anqor has developed a complete new and patented advanced frontier technology, allowing companies to avoid roaming and always get the best possible connection.

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