iTMS 4.4

intelligent Tele Management System

Capernow's comprehensive Business Support System (BSS) and Operations Support System (OSS) has been developed with the user in mind and our goal is to help your business grow by supplying a plug and play platform, which is easy to use.

All-in-one platform

with unmatched flexibility

Capernow’s comprehensive Business Support System (BSS) and Operations Support System (OSS) iTMS has been developed with the user in mind, supporting call centres, operations and other functional groups to manage our clients’ daily tasks.

The system builds around the concept of automating business processes and supplying a user-friendly interface to the essential operational functions as well as easy integration with external interfaces and network elements. In general iTMS handles MNO, MVNE, MVNO, Fixed line telephony, VoIP, Fiber, TV, Internet, Content or any other advanced billing and BSS / OSS tasks.

Empowered modules

The all-in-one iTMS software solution contains billing, rating, sales management (CRM), product management, customer support management, fraud management and more technical areas such as CDR distribution and mediation, provisioning and 3rd party integrations, using our iTMS provisioning service agent.

iTMS is proven to manage and process high volumes of data, without straining system resources. iTMS is also delivered with a unique and full set of web services, allowing clients to integrate self-service web portals and any other elements, communicating directly to the system’s API and its customised business process flows.

Plug & play platform

As revenues from the telecommunication industry continue to grow globally and new MVNO’s and service providers are cropping up to get a share of this profitable market, there is a bigger need than ever to find sustainable and easy-to-launch system solutions. Capernow’s focus and experience is to address and resolve the top business challenges for MVNE/MVNO’s today, supplying a uniquely designed multi-branding BSS / OSS platform.

Overall, our aim is to help businesses grow by supplying a plug and play platform, which is easy to use, at a competitive price and project timelines.


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