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The market

We live in a world which is dominated by networked devices — not just smartphones, but also thermostats, running shoes, wristbands - even smart vending machines.


This new world — the Internet of Things (IoT) as it has been coined, or machine-to-machine (M2M) technology — is growing significantly. According to IDC, 37% of the world’s labour force, or 1.3 billion workers, is identified as mobile workers. A projection sees one trillion IoT devices by 2025

The complexity

The Internet of Things may seem easy enough, if your perspective comes from Google, Apple, Qualcomm or upstarts like Nest. It gives the impression that you simply connect the “thing” to an Android or iPhone app and use your touchscreen to make it do what you want.


But what about making the “thing” secure, reliable and private? Who builds and manages the cloud service to which the device connects? And how do you manage the thousands or millions of devices, as they join the connected party and ensure each “thing” does what it is supposed to do?


Unless you have the resources and the technical skills of the world’s leading companies, you will find that the task of simply connecting “things” to the Internet, quickly becomes far more complex than the average smoke detector, vending machine or lighting manufacturer may be willing (or able) to take on.

The solution

This is exactly where Capernow IoT division can assist you; starting from idea through to launch and operations. In other words, with Capernow you will have an IoT partner that can ensure that the complete project is managed by experienced professionals.


In the centre you find our iTMS IoT Management System which enables you to gain real-time visibility and control of the connected device’s network usage and the devices themselves, no matter where in the world they may be.


Furthermore, the IoT Management System automates the business logic, service management and cost management. The integrated trouble tickets allow you to identify and troubleshoot issues on any device, anytime, anywhere.


The IoT Management System also enables device provisioning, cost containment, billing and management of real-time diagnostics— all customised to your project in order to meet the operational needs of your connected business.


In order to assist you with the project management and choice of excellent IoT hardware, we have partnered with Anqor who uses virtual SIM´s which can be integrated with your existing product. Anqor is seamlessly integrated with the iTMS IoT Management System.


By using our IoT services, we can offer you a team equipped with world class R&D expertise and knowledge and experience gained from working in multinational, billion-dollar companies.


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