Web service integration benefits in the BSS telco industry

June 2017

In today’s world of information technology, it is becoming more and more important to have the ability to connect and share information between several systems. When seeking new support system solutions, one of the key requirements being raised is the availability of integration facilities. Most businesses already have their own websites with sales and self-care services, unless you are a new start-up company. In both cases low cost and low effort integration is of utmost importance, which is what we will explore here. Read more

Customer Spotlight: Metroweb

November 2016

We are excited to present one of our newest customers, the Milan-based fiber-optic provider Metroweb. Capernow and Seavus have launched the Metroweb Italia iTMS-billing platform using the iTMS telco-grade cloud solution. Metroweb is planning to expand their business model towards the top Italian cities, opening the doors to the future of FTTH – ultra broadband network development. Read more

This is the opportunities and challenges for MVNO'S

- and how to create success

June 2017

The consumer’s use of mobile devices is growing rapidly, with more companies considering to enter the Telecom space and become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in order to grab mobile related revenue streams. Currently there are more than 1400 MVNO´s worldwide and MVNO subscribers are expected to grow from todays 135 million to 300million in 2020. However, it is also historically a fact that one in every four MVNOs have gone out of business. This newsletter explores what the problems are, and how you can maximise your chances for creating an MVNO success. Read more

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