With our decades of telecom experience, we can help you explore new or existing challenges

Capernow has extensive business experience gained during its 20 years in the telecommunication industry. This experience is now available for new and existing customers who want to explore business concepts or how to optimise the existing business.


We are also ready to assist start-ups or exciting new business concepts from existing players. Even if this derives from another industry, which could be in need of a highly flexible BSS platform that can automate business processes and communicate with an unlimited number of IT systems.


The iTMS BSS platform is built to support a number of different industries where scalability, billing, automation of business processes, order handling and easy integration with other IT systems is crucial.


These are examples of some advisory

services we have delivered

Additionally, we are at the moment involved in a number of major international projects, which includes our advisory services. By using Capernow Advisory Services you are also able to gain from our valuable and trusted network of industry professionals.


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